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Innovation & Business Development Services

I am a creative business professional helping the agri-food & drink, hospitality, fashion & design industries to become more regenerative, through innovations that optimize global natural resource systems.
I empower a positive consumer culture by providing entrepreneurs with brand & marketing strategies, flexible creative resourcing, production efficiencies, business partnerships, programmes, and personal support to successfully build sustainable lifestyle products, services & experiences at minimum cost.

this is me

With over 20 years of experience in marketing, media, and events, working at reputable agencies, and managing big lifestyle brands. I am now part of an expert global network that has generated hundreds of thousands of revenues for businesses across the world. 


is your passion to create positive consumer culture shifts?

Planning and resourcing is a challenging task when you embark on the journey to develop a new business concept from ideation through to launch. I can save you time, and equip you with the right mindset, skills, and an invaluable toolkit to ensure your business model is market validated, and commercially viable. 

Are we a good fit?

Are you excited about building lifestyle brands and circular systems that facilitate the health and wellbeing of people and the planet?

Is NOW the time for you to specialise so you can focus on the work you enjoy and do best, to take your concepts to the next level?

Do you want to be part of an expert network to achieve efficiencies in tasks that will lead you to reach your goals faster?

An informal interview by Pras, the Founder of Better World Innovations on a warm sunny afternoon in Ibiza

What stage are you at with your business?

business development & marketing plans are multilayered 







My strategies deliver high-connection, high-conversion clients, investors and partnerships. After years of finessing, I offer a proven method to achieve results and efficiencies for the necessary 'test, learn and adapt' processes in the earlier stages of entrepreneurship.

brand communications

Tell stories that resonate  

with your target clients

 business value proposition

Build a brand community with existing clients 



Reach, nurture and convert new clients

experiential media & events

Create a brand lifestyle to develop deeper connections 

Let's start by having an informal chat - What will take you from where you are now, to where you want to be? Before devising strategies, I need to understand the following: 

your why

your mission

your core market

your business ecosystem

I usually suggest a trial period, which allows us to work out if we are the right culture fit, and it's enough time to review your current processes, to ensure that any plans I propose have the right foundations for you to achieve your goals.


I'll get back to you soon!

Let's have a chat!

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