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Are you a Positive Impact Entrepreneur?

Updated: Jul 13

Positive Impact Entrepreneurs are special kinds of people. In a world where capitalism fosters big scale industries and mass media to influence consumer consumption that challenges the health systems of people and the planet - it takes a bold and resilient soul to pursue a mission that can help to revert this destructive economic curve.

As I began my own journey, I quickly realised that the path is not a linear one – it’s multidirectional, and can be lonely at times. As I took one step forward, I found I had to take a few steps to the side, and another step back, before I could take a bigger leap forward. It’s an emotional rollercoaster and no one should have to attempt this challenge alone if we are to create any type of positive impact on the world.

It's for this reason that I created ‘Positive Impact Entrepreneurs’, a community that builds a circular economy through innovations and collaborations based on values that support regeneration, efficiency, transparency and most importantly, having fun along the way!

Everyone will have a different entrepreneur journey. However there are three constant elements that can help you to grow your own business, and these are:

1. A supportive community with a desire to maximise each other’s unique potential.

2. Learning from experts in a way that best motivates, inspires and stimulates you.

3. Having the right resources and organisational processes in place to scale.

80% of start-ups fail due to many people not having the confidence or the right environment, to pursue their own interests. An impractical education system and fear may lead you to follow what you consider to be a safe & approved path, to then hit a crisis further down the line, when you discover you aren’t being true to yourself, or to others. You have a higher purpose.

My goal is to empower start-ups, by offering innovation programmes, and a credible network for talented eco entrepreneurs to thrive. If you have an ambition to start your own regenerative business in the lifestyle sectors, then I would love to hear from you. There are many projects currently in development, and I'm always keen to talk to like-minded individuals to explore ways we can help each other to scale new types of business systems, that will have a positive impact on consumerism.

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