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IMPACT is the new SEXY!

Updated: Jun 3

Finally I’ve launched the first episode of the PIE LIFE Podcast!

Following my chat with planet driven brands podcaster Nic Jones, I’d love to now hear from other people who have solutions for how we can influence policymakers to measure businesses by IMPACT VALUES, and not just by the capital they raise.

As a first step, we can start by going to networking events, or even on dates, with the first question being extended to: What do you do…to create a positive impact on people and the planet?

Enjoy the show!

Also, here's the UNEDITED version of the podcast video:

PIE LIFE PODCAST: Positive Impact Entrepreneurs show notes

Hello! My name is Sarah Luiz and welcome to the PIE LIFE!

I’m currently working with Positive Impact Entrepreneurs on innovations that help to build brands and organisations with circular ecosystems in the food, hospitality, fashion & design industries.

I’m on a personal mission to redesign education systems, and to change the narrative of destructive media formats to create more wellbeing for people, and the planet.

As part of my work, I invite change-makers to come on this show to talk about their experiences, and what their vision is to overcome some of the key challenges that we are facing in today’s modern society.


Today’s guest on my first podcast show is Nic Jones, the brainchild of the Planet Driven Brands podcast, a show I have previously been a guest on, where Nic and I discussed the need for systemic change, new innovation processes, and a collaborative work ethos.

Since we had this chat I’ve been eager to continue our conversation to explore these subjects further.

I love how aligned Nic and I are on our views and I came away feeling positive that there are some tangible solutions that we can be working on together to achieve progress.

So please have a listen to the show and I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas on the topics we discussed. And apologies for the muffled sound on my part. This was my first attempt to record a podcast and I was relying on my Apple iPods to deliver on the production quality. So note to self, I need to get a bit more technical with my equipment for future shows!

Here are the main points raised when asked the question:

What would you say are some of the biggest challenges that brands are facing today, and what are they doing to overcome them?

We must call out 'greenwashing'. Every business must talk the talk AND walk the walk, and everyone has a role to play. Nic is a firm believer that the root and branch approach is what will wake up policymakers, and collaborations are critical for everyone to take small steps to achieve the bigger goals.

If we don’t make the root and branch change and all start pulling in the same direction, people who make policy just don’t care

Policymakers are key to systemic change but they aren’t currently considering the environment at the level that’s required to create a circular economy.

Big companies are not taking enough responsibility for the impact their actions are having on the planet, or on the wellbeing of people. And this largely stems from the older generation. Thus, the older generation has a responsibility to the younger generation to make these changes, as it’s the established institutions that are the main issue, trying to maintain processes that are no longer working or sustainable.

Success MUST be judged on IMPACT, and the media can play a huge role in helping to promote how people start perceiving success as a measurement of 3 dimensional IMPACT - profit, people, and the planet.

Now let's talk SOLUTIONS!

Following the same approach as big tech companies, we can set corporations with innovation challenges to come up with commercially viable solutions (that haven’t necessarily been invented yet). Then offer tax breaks to the companies who successfully launch and accelerate new startups with the solutions. Please someone tell me why every company isn't already doing this!

All corporates should be applying for the BCorp Certification as it engages stakeholders, supply chains, marketing, media, and suppliers to work together to implement sustainability practices.

Then we move on to the BIG question!

How do we create a circular ecosystem where all businesses are measured by impact, and how do we design an impact framework to allow capital to flow more in harmony with nature, without harming the wellbeing of all living beings?

This is something that I will be exploring in future shows and I remain positive that if we’re all in this together, we can enlighten policymakers with powerful proposals to make the changes we all need to see in the world.

IMPACT is the new SEXY, I’ll leave you with that thought.

Thanks for listening! You may also enjoy the Pie Life Spotify playlist.

I believe music to be a powerful source of motivation for spurring change. So I am asking everyone that comes on the show to tell me what songs make them feel positive and energised. Here’s the playlist so far, courtesy of Nic's fine selection:

PIE LIFE Spotify playlist

If you would like to know more about Nic Jones and his Planet Driven Brands agency, here is where you will find more information, along with all his very interesting and thought provoking podcast interviews: theplanetsagency.com

The episode of Planet Driven Brands that I took part on can be found here:


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